大三学生 英文(大三学生英语作文【三篇】)

如下提供的大三学生 英文(大三学生英语作文【三篇】),相信小伙伴们一定很好奇,下面小编为大家带来了。大三学生 英文

大三学生 英文(大三学生英语作文【三篇】)

如下提供的大三学生 英文(大三学生英语作文【三篇】),相信小伙伴们一定很好奇,下面小编为大家带来了。大三学生 英文


With the development of the society, the competition in finding jobs for graduates is also increasing. When college students graduate from school, a part of them choose to continue further study to avoid the stress from job market. However, there are also parts of people abandon grad school. They choose to face the difficulty directly. In my opinion, these people make a good choice.


First of all, college graduate students are not sure worse than graduate students. Although postgraduates receive higher education than graduates that they may know more knowledge, they can’t compare with graduates’ three years’ working experience. We all know that knowledge and working experience are both important to employers. And some enterprises have special preference for experience. Therefore, I think the behavior that graduates abandon grad school is another preparation for their career.


Secondly, competition will not disappear forever. As the world is in the changing trends, the competition has many chances to increase day by day. In other words, it is possible that the competition after three years will much fiercer than now. Nobody can make sure that the postgraduates will have less stress in finding jobs. So, why not wasting three years?


According to the opinions above, I think abandon grad school is a wise choice. Sometime we can’t avoid the things will happen one day, and we need to face it directly.


Recently bully children has become a hot topic again, this problem is never out of news. This situation usually appears in school, the strong, tall boys are always bully the weak one. However, now some girls seems had joined in the bully team. It’s reported a 12 year old girl who beat a 1 year old boy badly in the elevator, and throw him down from 25th floor. I believe it’s high time to avoid this bully situation.


I think there are two important affection lead to children’s behavior. The first one is the education from parents. As we all know, parents are the first and most affective teacher for children. Since children are every good at copying, parents’ manners will directly copied by children. Therefore, parents should not quarrel or fight in front of children, and spend more energy to teach children how to love others. Especially for a single parent family.


Second, the children’s second teacher is the teacher from school. If teacher didn’t stop the violence as soon as possible, the school will become a cradle of violence. Teacher should not only teach student the knowledge from books, but also teach them how to behavior well. Moreover, children spend more time at school than at home, hence, teacher should take the responsibility to keep them out of violence.


To sum up, children become a good one or bad one is due to the guidance from parents and teachers. The best way to avoid children become violent is teach them behavior well and supervise them.


Nowadays, many enterprises, even some governments would like to appeal the talent from prestigious university or overseas graduates through money. For this phenomenon, in my opinion, just as every coin has two sides, this phenomenon also has advantages as well as disadvantages.


For one thing, appealing to the excellent people by money is a fast and effective way to improve the development of companies or governments. Nearly every talent would like to find a good place to show their ability after they come back from study; especially they have put so much effort on learning. If enterprises and governments can provide a good offer, they will contribution all their knowledge for them. And their project will have better improvement soon. Using money to attract talents is worthy.


For another thing, attracting the talent through money is not reliable. Since the talent will be attracted by money, if there are other people pay higher price, they will leave. It is not safe. At that time, they lose part of their money as well as lose the technology or knowledge from the excellent. If they have money, why not develop their own people. It is safer.


To sum up, appealing to the talent through money just like the coin having two sides. No matter companies or governments should attract them to solve the current problem as well as train their own experts. It will the best way to improve the competition in the society.



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