如下介绍的fm软件和fm软件哪个好(FM软件功能模块对比),小编为您精心整理 本文收录了几种主要的FM软件功能模块列表和简介,并略做摘译。资料均来自其官方网站,文中链接可以直接打开原文查阅。





1. ARCHIBUS 阿基米德

Facilities and Real Estate Management Applications For Every Challenge

Each application is designed to address specific core functions and improve your overall efficiency. The solution's flexible, modular structure lets you assemble the most complete combination of applications according to your organization's requirements and budget. Data entered into these applications is automatically reflected in other relevant areas, ensuring accurate, up-to-date information.

Real Estate Portfolio Management 不动产管理

  • Strategic Financial Analysis 战略财务分析
  • Advanced Portfolio Forecasting 不动产组合预测
  • Portfolio Management 不动产资产组合管理
  • Lease Administration 租赁管理
  • Cost Administration 成本管理
  • Cost Chargeback & Invoicing 成本内部分摊与凭据

Capital Project Management 项目管理

  • Capital Budgeting 资本性项目预算
  • Project Management 项目管理
  • Condition Assessment 设施状况评估
  • Commissioning 功能验证调试

Space Planning & Management 空间管理

  • Strategic Space Planning 战略级空间规划
  • Space Inventory & Performance 空间库存与绩效
  • Personnel & Occupancy 员工办公位管理
  • Space Chargeback 空间内部计费
  • Strategic Master Planning 战略级总体规划

Move Management 搬迁管理

  • Enterprise Move Management 企业级变动搬迁管理

Asset Management 固定资产管理

  • Enterprise Asset Management 企业级固定资产管理
  • Asset Management 办公资产管理
  • Asset Portal 资产管理门户
  • Furniture & Equipment Management 家具与办公设备管理
  • Telecommunications & Cable Management 通讯管线管理

Environmental & Risk Management 环境与风险管理

  • Environmental Sustainability Assessment 环境可持续性管理
  • Energy Management 能源管理
  • Green Building 绿色管理
  • Waste Management 废弃物管理
  • Emergency Preparedness 应急预案管理
  • Compliance Management 合规管理
  • Clean Building 洁净厂房管理
  • Environmental Health & Safety 环境健康与安全(EHS)
  • Hazardous Materials 有害材料管理

Building Operations 运维管理

  • On Demand Work 按需维护
  • Preventive Maintenance 按计划维护
  • Condition Assessment 设施状况评估
  • Call Center Wizard 呼叫中心

Workplace Services 工作空间服务

  • Reservations 预定管理
  • Service Desk 服务台管理
  • Hoteling 旅馆式办公
  • Fleet Management 车队管理

Extensions & Frameworks 插件

  • Web Central 3D Navigator
  • Smart Client Extension for Revit
  • Geospatial Extensions for ESRI
  • ARCHIBUS Mobile Framework
  • ARCHIBUS Performance Metrics Framework™
  • ARCHIBUS Reservations Extension for Microsoft® Exchange

2. IBM Tririga


Integrate global workplace management from a single location

IBM TRIRIGA provides a single system to manage the lifecycle of facilities. Its integrated workplace management system increases the operational, financial and environmental performance of facilities.

Through business analytics, critical alerts and automated process capabilities, IBM TRIRIGA can increase visibility, control and automation of:

一级管理领域分类(IBM - IBM TRIRIGA Software - IBM TRIRIGA):

  • Real estate management 企业不动产管理
  • Capital projects 资本性项目管理
  • Space management 空间管理
  • Facility maintenance 设施运维
  • Energy management 能源管理



Build more effectiveness into your real estate management and lease accounting

IBM® TRIRIGA® Real Estate Management Software helps you generate higher returns from real estate transactions, avoid lease penalties and overpayments and streamline lease accounting practices. It incorporates current lease accounting standards you can be up to date with industry best practices. And it helps real estate executives make more informed real estate decisions to reduce occupancy and operating costs.

  • IBM TRIRIGA Connector for Business Applications 业务应用连接器: Streamline data integration between IBM TRIRIGA and external systems.
  • IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager 不动产管理: Increase efficiency of transaction management, lease administration and lease accounting.
  • IBM TRIRIGA Strategic Facility Planning 战略设施规划: Simplify strategic space planning analysis to increase facility utilization.
  • IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Performance Management Real Estate 工作空间绩效管理: Use business analytics to identify underperforming real estate assets, leases, providers and processes.


Get better returns from capital projects

IBM® TRIRIGA® Capital Project Management Software improves capital project planning and accelerates project schedules. It helps to generate higher returns from capital projects and programs.

  • IBM TRIRIGA Capital Projects Manager 资本性项目管理: Get advanced project planning and management capabilities to help increase financial returns on capital projects and reduce costly scheduling delays. Vendor management controls analyze project risks and benefits – identifying funding priorities for a superior capital project portfolio.
  • IBM TRIRIGA Connector for Offline Forms : Enable users to enter data in Microsoft Excel for processing with IBM TRIRIGA applications. The Excel-based forms can be used with or without a network connection.
  • IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Performance Management Projects 工作空间绩效管理之项目: Apply business analytics to identify underperforming projects, resources and project management processes. Use it to manage costs, reduce scheduling delays and maximize resource utilization.


Improve facility utilization, space chargeback and move management

IBM® TRIRIGA® Facilities Manager identifies underutilized facilities and workspaces that can be used more effectively to help reduce costs. The software helps to increase facilities utilization and improves the effectiveness of a distributed workforce. It also provides move management capabilities for more efficient personnel and asset relocation.

IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Manager provides:

  • Space measurement and audit tools that identify opportunities for better facility utilization and occupancy management.
  • Space use agreements and chargeback tools to increase departmental accountability for space use.
  • Move planning and management to streamline relocation processes.
  • Project administration features that track budgets, costs and schedules for more efficient facilities management.


Streamline facility maintenance, service management and facility condition assessments

IBM® TRIRIGA® Facility Maintenance Software products provide condition-based facility assessments. These assessments help you set priorities for capital improvements and can extend the life of your facilities. These products can also improve the efficiency of your facility maintenance operations and reduce maintenance and operations costs.

Learn how these products help simplify the delivery of maintenance services and manage service providers more effectively.

  • IBM TRIRIGA Facility Assessment: Provide financial and environmental impact analysis to improve capital planning.
  • IBM TRIRIGA Request Central: Increase efficiency of facilities maintenance service requests.
  • IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Operations Manager: Automate facility maintenance services and reduce facility operating costs.
  • IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Performance Management Operations: Use business analytics to identify underperforming facilities, assets, resources and facility maintenance processes.


Reduces energy consumption to meet sustainability goals

IBM® TRIRIGA® Environmental and Energy Management Software products identify poorly performing facilities and then automate corrective actions. These products help accelerate implementation of the most popular tactics for achieving sustainability goals – whether it is facility maintenance, building retrofit projects or facility optimization.

  • IBM TRIRIGA Connector for Energy Star Benchmarking: Streamline enterprise carbon accounting and environmental investment analysis – helping to lower energy costs and achieve carbon reduction goals.
  • IBM TRIRIGA Energy Optimization:
  • IBM TRIRIGA Facility Assessment: Provide financial and environmental impact analysis to improve capital planning.
  • IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability Manager: Use financial and environmental impact analysis to improve capital planning.

3. 曼哈顿


Optimise your real estate and workplace portfolio with Manhattan

Real Estate & Workplace Solutions is proud to offer Manhattan, one of the industry’s leading product brands. Trimble Manhattan is the most important strategic enterprise solution for planning and managing any organisation’s real estate portfolio of buildings and assets –

  • from 'site selection', 企业选址
  • ‘lease administration’ 租赁管理
  • and ‘financial management’, 财务管理
  • to ‘maintenance & operations', 运维管理
  • 'space management' 空间管理
  • and '‘sustainability’, 可持续性管理
  • to 'mobile apps' 移动应用
  • and ‘real estate business intelligence’. 企业不动产商业智能


Trimble Real Estate & Workplace Solutions

Real Estate & Workplace Management 企业不动产与工作空间管理

  • Manhattan Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) 整合工作空间管理系统
  • Manhattan Lease Management 租赁管理
  • CenterStone Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) 计算机辅助FM系统
  • Atrium Enterprise Asset Management 企业资产管理
  • Manhattan Space Scheduling · Room Booking System 空间计划-空间预定系统
  • Retail Store Lifecycle Management 连锁店全生命期管理
  • Manhattan Property Investment Management 不动产投资管理

Capital Program Management 资本项目管理

  • Proliance

Estimating 估价

4. ArchiFM


  • Asset Planning and Area Management 办公资产规划和空间管理
  • Maintenance – Cleaning Management 运维和清洁管理
  • archifm mobile – the Android CAFM software 移动应用
  • Decision Maker Tools – Reporting 决策报表工具
  • Dashboard – Stay in control 管理面板


  • The Main Screen 主界面
  • Dashboard 管理面板
  • Asset Planning 资产规划
  • Tenant Management 租户管理
  • Breakdown Maintenance 维修管理
  • Work Order Management 工单管理
  • Scheduled Maintenance 维护计划排程
  • Financials 财务
  • Analysis – Reporting 分析报表
  • Maintenance Standards 维护标准
  • Human Resources 人力资源
  • Warehouse Management 仓库管理



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