I’m Litao. I’m a Chinese boy. I visited London with my parents last week. I went to the street. But I was lost. I didn’t find the King Hotel. I met an old man. I asked him “Where is the King Hotel?” The old man said “Go straight and then turn left at the corner.” I said “Thank you very much.” Then I found the King Hotel.

  作文2昨天下午放学后,学校举行篮球比赛。我们班赢得了比赛。大家虽然很疲劳,但却很兴奋。并且决定在周末开个晚会,我将买一些食物和饮料,Lisa and Tony 将布置教室,Jenny and Ben 将打扫卫生,每个人都会很忙….

  There was a basketball match in our school after school yesterday afternoon. Our class won the match. We were very tired. But we were very excited, too. We are going to have a party at the weekend. I wil buy some food and some drink. Lisa and Tony will decorate the classroom. Jenny and Ben will clean it up. Every will be very busy.


  Ben and his friend visited Uncle Li’s pet shop last weekend. They were very excited because Uncle Li let them see a lot of new style little animals. They helped Uncle Li feed the little animals. And they helped Uncle Li clean up the pet shop,too. Uncle Li was very happy. He sent them a little animal for everyone. They were all very happy that day.

  作文43月12日是植树节。我们少先队员每年都有到公园植树。今年也不例外,看这张照片,Ben 正在快速地挖洞;Tony正在慢慢地搬小树苗,我正在认真地种树,Lisa 正在浇水,鸟儿正在快乐地在树枝上歌唱….

  March 12th is Tree Planting Day. Our Young Pioneers plant trees in the park every year. We plant trees this year, too. Look at this picture. Ben was digging a hole quickly. Tony was moving the little young trees slowly. I was planting trees seriously. Lisa was watering the trees. The birds were singing happily in the tree.


  Yesterday was a busy day. My uncle came back from Canada. My parents waited for him in the airport. I had to look after my little sister at home,sweep the floor,do the dishes and hang up the clothes in the morning. I had to do my homework and practice the piano in the afternoon. Because we will take a test the day after tomorrow. We went shopping with my uncle at night.


  Yesterday was Sunday. We didn’t go to school. I rode my bike to the bookstore and bought two books there in the morning. On my way home, I lost my keys. When I got home, my parents weren’t at home. I had to stay outside for half a day. This morning, I missed the bus when I went to school.I was very bad these two days. I hope tomorrow is a better day.


  Children’s Day is coming. I’m going to go to school and have a party with my classmates in the morning. I’m going to eat a lot of cotton candy and chicken. I’m going to visit my raltives in the evening. I’m going to play with my cousins. I’m going to get a gift from my aunt. I will have a good time.


  I went camping with classmates last weekend. My classmates brought many food. Some brought fruits . Some brought bread. We had a picnic there.We ate a lot of things. And then, we climbed the mountain, sang songs, danced and told stories. We had a good time.


  Now it’s the summer vacation. I’m very excited because this summer vacation is very long. I got a good grade in the final test, so my parents will take me to go sightseeing in Tibet. Tibet is very beautiful. There are many beaches but there aren’t mountains. I will have a good time there.


  Everyone wants to be healthy. How can we be healthy? We should eat enough vegetables, drink a lot of water and get plenty of exercise. Don’t watch TV or play video games for a long time very often. Don’t eat too much fast food and junk food. If you can do these, you’ll be healthy and strong.


  Hello! Everyone ! My name is Mary. I come from Canada. I’m going to visit Beijing with my parents on summer vacation. We’re going to Beijing by plane. We’re going to stay in a hotel. We’re going to go sightseeing there and we’rd going to visit the Great Wall , the Summmer palace and the Forbidden City. Because I know Beijing is a historical capital and there are many famous and traditional buildings. I think I’ll have a wonderful trip soon.

  作文12假如你的朋友Jim 昨天晚上得了重感冒。你今天早上去探望他。Jim 躺在床上很不开心。他很想参加明天举行的校运会,你安慰他时给他提以下几个建议:看医生,多喝水,多休息。你明天帮他请假。他很感激你。

  词汇:参加:take part in 校运会:school sports meeting

  提建议:give some advice 请假:ask for a leave

  My friend Jim got a very bad cold last night. I went to see him this morning. Jim stayed in bed and he was very sad. He wanted to take part in our school sports meeting tomorrow. I gave hime some advice , First, go to see the doctor. Next, drink more water and have a good rest. I will ask for leave for him tomorrow. He thanked me a lot.


  Tom is my cousin. He is a good student. He is good at English. But he was upset yesterday, because he wached TV the night before last night. He stayde up late. He got a poor grade yesterday. His teachers and parents were very angry.


  My name is Johnny. I come from Canada. My parents work in China. I went to China for a vacation last year. I lived with my parents. I visited the Great Wall of China with my parents . It’s very great! I like the food of China. It’s very tasty. I like the Chinese people. They are very friendly.


  Yesterday was Saturday. I was very busy ,because my mother was ill. I got up at 7:30 in the morning. Then, I cooked breakfast for my family. After breakfast, I bought some chicken and vegetables in the market. I was doing housework at 9:00. I was cooking lunch for my family at 11:00. I began to do my homework at 2:00 in the afrernoon. I was cooking dinner at 5:30 . I watched TV with my family at night.

  作文16: 写5个或5个以上完整的句子介绍你昨天所做的事。

  Yesterday was Saturday. I got up at six in the morning.. Then I brushed my teeth and got dressed. After that, I cleaned my room and swept the floor. I helped my mother cook dinner. I went to sleep at ten.

  I got up at 7:00. I ate breakfast at home. It was tasty. I went to my friend’s home. We played computer games. We were happy.


  Typhoon Zhenzhu came the day before yesterday. The street was messy. Many trees fell. Many windows broke. The coats were in the tree.

  Typhoon Zhenzhu came the day before yesterday. Many trees fell. Many windows broke. A lot of people were in the street. They swept the glass.

  作文18: 昨天是我的生日,我的好朋友到我家为我庆祝!请你用6-8个句子描述一下生日会的情景。

  Yesterday was my birthday. I had a party in my house. My friends came. They gave me gifts. And then, we sang a song and ate the cake. It was yummy! After that, we played games and danced. I was happy yesterday.

  Yesterday was my birthday. My good friends went to my home. I bought some candies, apples, chocolate and a cake. We sang songs and danced. We drank juice and ate the cake. We were very happy!


  The vacation is coming. I’m going to read some books and take a trip. I will go to Beijing and see the Great Wall of China. I will come back on Sunday. And I’m going to visit relatives with my parents. It will be a nice vacation.

  The vacation is coming. I am going to watch TV. I am going to surf the net. I am going to play with friends. I am going to read some books. I am going to see a movie. I am going to do my homework. It will be a happy vacation.


  If you have a cold. You should take some medicine and stay in bed. When you have a fever. You should see the doctor and drink some water. If you have a toothache. You should see the dentist.

  作文21: 请你看电视,模仿天气预报员,用6-8个句子为我们介绍未来两天广东地区部分主要城市的天气情况。

  Hello. This is the weather report. It will be cool in Guangzhou tomorrow. And there will be rain in Guangzhou the day after tomorrow. It will be sunny in Jiangmen tomorrow. There will be wind in Jiangmen the day after tomorrow.

  作文22: 假设你是Vivian。你有一个7岁的小妹妹,她年纪虽小却会自己穿服,还会收拾好自己的漫画书,打扫自己的卧室,而且她还是家中一个小帮手。经常帮妈妈扫地,倒垃圾。大家都很喜欢我这个可爱的小妹妹。

  I’m Vivian. My little sister is only seven years old, but she can put on her clothes, put away her comic books and clean up her bedroom. She’s helpful at home. She always helps Mom sweep the floor and take out the trash. We all like my lovely little sister.


  Yesterday was Wednesday. I woke up at 6:00. I went to school by car. I studied math, English and Chinese at school. And I played with friends in the afternoon. I was happy.

  Yesterday was Sunday. I did my homework. I played games. I watched TV. It was a happy day.


  My Summer Vacation

  Summer vacation is coming. I’m going to read some books. I’m going to shop for clothes. I’m going to take a trip. I’m going to surf the net. It is a happy vacation.

  The summer vacation is coming. I’m going to do my homework. I’m going to watch TV. I’m going to play with friends. It will be a happy vacation.


  The day after tomorrow is my birthday. I’m going to buy a cake. I’m going to play with friends. My friends are going to my home. We will have a good time.


  My Summer Vacation

  The summer vacation is coming. I’m going to do my homework. I’m going to play with friends. I’m going to surf the net. I’m going to take a trip. I’m going to see the Great Wall of China. I’m going to visit relatives. It will be a wonderful vacation.


  My Favorite People

  My favorite people is Amanda. She’s my best friend. She has two bright eyes, a small mouth and a round face. Her hair is black and long. Her nose is small. She’s friendly and lovely. I teach her math and English and she teaches me Chinese. I like her very much.


  My mother is smart. She has two bright eyes, a short hair and a small mouth. She is good at cooking.


  Last Sunday, I went to my friend’s house. We played a game, sang a song and danced. And I gave her a present.

  作文30:Look and write.(看图,写一篇小短文。不少于五句话)

  Today is Sunday. My parents don’t go to school. My father is fishing now. My mother is taking some photos. My sister is drawing a picture. I’m catching a butterfly in the garden. We’re very happy.

  作文31:以A field trip 为题,描述一次野营旅行。要求:不少于5句话。

  A field trip

  Today I take a field trip with my friends. Some are collecting leaves, some are taking photos, some are watching insects and some are writing a report. I’m having a picnic. The food is tasty. We are very happy.


  I like rabbits very much. They’re cute. They have two long ears, two red eyes and a small mouth. They like eating vegetables. They run very fast.

  作文33: 以My favorite season 为题写一片小短文。要求:不少于五句。

  My favourite season

  My favourite season is fall. In fall, the leaves turn yellow. The fruit and vegetables are ripe. They smell good. And the animals are preparing for winter. Fall ids beautiful. I enjoy my life in fall.

  作文34: 以Today is my birthday 为题写一篇小短文。要求:不少于五句话。

  Today is my birthday

  Today is my birthday. My friends play with me. We eat a tasty cake. We play games, sing songs and dance. I’m very happy today.

  作文35: 请你写一写你一天的生活。要求:不少于五句话,语句通顺,思路清晰。

  I’m a student. I get up at 6:00 in the morning. I go to school at 6:25. I eat breakfast at 7:45. I have seven classes every day. I go home at 6:00. I go to sleep at 10:00p.m.


  AMy Favorite People

  Who is your favorite people? My favorite people is my mother. She is beautiful. She is 38 years old. She is tall and thin. She has big eyes and long hair. She likes cooking. She cooks good meals for us every day. And she always does all the housework. She looks after my father and me. I love my mother very much.

  作文37:Last Wednesday was Teachers’ Day. We gave some flowers to our teachers. Ms Brown is our English teacher. Mr Ouyang is our math teacher. Ms Wei is our Chinese teacher. We had a party. We were very happy. Jenny and I bought three bags of chips. Ben and Tony brought two cartons of ice cream. Mike brought some candy. My cousin Jack made a big cake. After the party. I felt very well.

  作文38:Yesterday was my birthday. I had a party at home. My friends came to my home. They brought a lot of things. Mandy brought a delicious cake. Sam brought two bottles of soda. Amanda brought three bags of chips. We ate the food happily. And then, we sang, danced and played games. I was very happy yesterday.


  I’m a Chinese girl. I am good at English. I like sports. My hobbies are tennis, badminton, volleyball and ping-pong. I play volleyball twice a week. I play tennis four times a month. I play badminton once a day. I play ping-pong about twenty-eight times a year. I help my mom do the dishes and dust the furniture every day. My mom loves me very much.


  Yesterday my family went shopping at the shop. We bought many things. My dad bought three bottles of shampoo. My mum bought five big bars of soap and ten rolls of toilet paper. My sister and I bought eight envelopes and twelve stamps. My brother bought two cartons of ice cream. We were very happy.


  Jenny is a good girl. She lives in Jiangmen. She studies in a primary school. She gets up at 6 in the morning. She likes reading English. She draws pictures well. After school. She and her grandmother read newspaper together. She eats has dinner at 7 in the evening. She does her homework at 8. Then she goes to bed.


  Hello Jim,

  My name is Kate. Let’s be email pen-friends. My hobby is playing basketball. I often play basketball three times a week. I usually get there by taxi. I’m good at drawing. I always draw after school. I usually ride a bike to there. I can make the bed and fold the clothes. I often help my mother sweep the floor and clean the windows.

  Bye bye,


  作文43:My Bedroom

  I have a nice and small bedroom. There is a beautiful bed and two small chairs. I also have a big and tall closet because I have many clothes. There is a big desk next to the window. I always do my homework at the desk. There is a family photo on the wall. We took this photo this summer holiday. I like my bedroom.


  Last Sunday, my mother and I went shopping at the store . My father likes to eat fruit. My mother bought a bag of oranges for him. That’s cheap. It’s 18 yuan. My mother bought a new skirt for me , too. My skirt is 56 yuan. My mother bought a pair of jeans. It’s 60 yuan. My mother’s jeans are the most expensive.

  作文45:Today is my mom’s birthday. We will have a party. We are going to buy two cakes. They’re 9 yuan. We are going to buy ten bottles of juice. They’re 60 yuan. We’re going to buy two watermelons. They’re 20 yuan. We’re going to buy a bag of candy. It’s 15 yuan. We’re going to buy a bunch of flowers. (一束花)It’s 30 yuan. We’re going to buy a gift. It’s 8 yuan. We’re going to buy two cartons of ice cream. They’re 18 yuan. We’re going to buy four bags of chips. They’re 14 yuan. We’re going to buy three candles. They’re 2 yuan. We’re going to buy thirty balloons. They’re 20 yuan. It’s costs 196 yuan. I think we’ll have a good time.

  作文46: 提示:根据下面所给出的这张Ann的小名片,以“我的好朋友”为题,写一篇小短文,介绍Ann的基本情况。





  北京市育英小学(primary school)





  爱好:唱歌(singing)、跳舞(dancing)、看电视(watching TV

  优点:友好(friendly)、乐于助人(like to help others)

  My good friend

  I have a good friend. Her name is Ann. Her Chinese name is Wang Xiaolan. She is from England. She is in Beijing now. She is in Yuying Primary School. She is in Class Four, Grade Six. She is twelve. She has blue eyes and yellow hair. Her father is a doctor and her mother is a nurse. Her brother is five years old. She likes dancing, singing and watching TV. She is friendly and she likes to help others. What a good girl!


  I have a new friend. His name is Jack. He has short black hair. He is taller than me. He likes swimming. We are good at swimming. We go swimming twice a week.We often go there by bike.

  作文48:假如你是Kate. 2 月5日是你的生日,那天早上你去逛超市买了许多食物,下午你妈妈在家给你举行了一个生日party,你所有朋友和同学都来参加你的生日聚会,他们送了许多礼物给你,你们玩得很开心。

  I am Kate. My birthday is February 5th. I bought many things in the shopping mall in the morning. My mother held a birthday for me at home . All my friends and classmates came to my party.They gave me many gifts .We were very happy.


  I am Jenny. My hobby is shopping. Last Sunday, I took a bus to the shopping mall. I bought a pair of shoes. The shoes are very beautiful. They are much better the old ones at home. I bought some medicine for my mother. She had a cough. After the medicine, she felt better. I was very happy.


  I am Tom. I am 12 years old this year. I come from Canada. My parents work in Guangzhou. I study in Guangzhou. At school, I have many friends.I teach them English. They teach me Chinese. I don’t go to school on Saturday and Sunday. We often visit some places. Guangzhou is very beautiful. I like this place. We are going to have a trip in Beijing this summer holiday.

  作文51: 昨天是星期天。我们不用上学。上午我骑自行车去了商店,我买了一块肥皂和两本书。在商店我看见了李雷。他买了一些药。他感冒了。我一个月去购物一次。

  Yesterday was Sunday. We don’t go to school. I rode my bike to the store in the morning. I bought a bar of soap and two books. I saw Lilei at the store. He bought some medicine. He had a cold. I go shopping once a month.


  We went to Hongkong in summer holiday. My parents and I visited the Ocean Park. We took a bus there. We saw many fish there. We saw some whales ,too. The whale is the biggest animal in the world. They are very funny. I like them very much. We were very happy.

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